Credit Builder Program

What is the Credit Builder Program?

The Credit Builder Program holds the amount borrowed in a bank account while you make payments and build credit. When the account is paid off, the money is released to you.

With the Credit Builder Program, you do not receive cash up-front, however you can access your savings during the term of your loan based on the amount of equity you’ve accrued. You can build up savings and reach your financial goals using flexible payment options.

Are you in bankruptcy, consumer proposal, or a debt management program?

The Credit Builder Program can help you rebuild your credit and get approved for a loan in the future.

Are you trying to build your credit history?

The Credit Builder Program is an excellent way to show an installment tradeline on your credit report. 

Benefits of the Credit Builder Program

  • Responsible way to re-build your credit while you save money
  • Poor credit or little to no credit history accepted
  • Can be approved without a co-signor
  • Flexible payment options
  • Positive impact on your credit report
  • Can help repair the damage done by bankruptcy

How can Climb Help?

Start your journey to become debt free and rebuild your credit with Climb.